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Keeping Signs Classy - I am a Sign Painter in Atlanta, Ga specializing in Gold Leaf and Hand Lettering on Wood, Glass, and walls of any kind.

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I am Chris, the debonair signman

I began my passion for lettering at a young age. I grew up in Woodstock, Ga and went to the local stock car races at Dixie Speedway, as often as my parents would let me. I was never really into the races, or who was in what place, but the cars themselves. The numbers were what really fascinated me. I became obsessed with the shapes, colors, and flow of the lettering and numbering on each car, and would often bring a drawing pad with me and try to sketch my favorite ones! As I grew up, and didn't have as many chances to go to the races, I fell in love with different types of lettering. My high school art teacher was obsessed with type and lettering, and I loved digging through her books. As I moved into Atlanta for college I began noticing all the different lettering styles around the city, from old buildings to the ever-changing graffiti filled bridges and walls. My drawing teacher was also a past graffiti artist, and taught me many things about letter formation and manipulation. I had a varying love for lettering throughout my life, and later I began to READ it in a different light.

Its been about 4 years, now, that I began my obsession with Hand Lettering. I began collecting books and various materials to reproduce lettering of all styles. It wasn't much later that I stumbled upon my first sign painter. He was a seasoned brushman, having specialized in the stock cars I originally fell in love with. Ronnie "Big R" Edwards would forever change my lettering life. I began watching him as often as I could. I studied the way his hands and brush worked. I emulated his movements, and made practice sheets based off of his style. I don't get to see him as often now, but I am forever grateful for his kindness and wisdom! 

I later met another sign painter who has recently been helping to hone my skills. Kent Combs is a Macon, Ga resident, and asecond generation sign painter and window splash artist known around the US. He has worked and traveled, painting in some of the best sign shops around.  I have had the privilege of speaking with, working alongside, and learning from Kent, and look forward to the many things I have left to learn!

I am a traditional sign maker. I only employ methods in which to create the most beautiful signage and artistic pieces for my clients. I specialize in both traditional and modern lettering and techniques. Gold leaf is the most beautiful and powerful statements a sign can make, and I use time tested practices to achieve long lasting and brilliant gilds. I am constantly learning, and cant wait to see where the paint will lead!