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Keeping Signs Classy - I am a Sign Painter in Atlanta, Ga specializing in Gold Leaf and Hand Lettering on Wood, Glass, and walls of any kind.

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Its been a while... A busy while.

It's been a while, now. A while since I've updated my site. A while since I've been behind the bar. A while since I've been back from Europe, and my whole life changed! I've been able to make my dreams come true. Work isn't even a thing anymore. I enjoy every day, and I can't be thankful enough! Just a happy little update, for now!

Great Start!

Yesterday was a great beginning to new friendships, learning opportunities, and future jobs! I organized our cities first little Letterheads Meetup! Some legends of the brush came to hangout, share stories, books, photos, and tips! It was an amazing opportunity to learn from some veteran paint slingers and meet, what I can only hope, will be some great new comrades! I plan on this only having been the first, of many of these little meet ups for our local guys. I'm hoping this becomes a monthly, or bi-monthly, meeting, and grows into something bigger and better. We talked of organizing some panels and techniques sharing opportunities in the future! Can't wait to see where this goes! Atlanta Letterheads!

Special thanks to Andrew Henry, Sonny Franks, Gary Godby, and John Dunn (not pictured) for making this a great day!